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> * help
> * show
> * Lifty is org.lifty 1.6.x
> lifty create project
> Lifty create project
[info] :: retrieving :: org.scala-tools.sbt#retrieve-processor [sync]
[info] confs: [default]
[info] 6 artifacts copied, 0 already retrieved (1150kB/153ms)
[info] mainpack [org.wisdomfish]: 
[info] liftversion [2.3-RC3]: 2.3
[info] modelpack [org.wisdomfish.model]: 
[info] libpack [org.wisdomfish.lib]: 
[info] Running project with the following arguments:
[info] mainpack = org.wisdomfish
[info] liftversion = 2.3
[info] modelpack = org.wisdomfish.model
[info] libpack = org.wisdomfish.lib
[info] Resulted in the creation of the following files:
[info]   src/main/scala/org/wisdomfish/snippet/HelloWorld.scala
[info]   src/test/scala/org/wisdomfish/snippet/HelloWorldTest.scala
[info]   project/build/Project.scala
[info]   src/main/webapp/index.html
[info]   src/main/scala/bootstrap/liftweb/Boot.scala
[info]   src/test/scala/org/wisdomfish/AppTest.scala
[info]   src/main/scala/org/wisdomfish/model/User.scala
[info]   src/main/scala/org/wisdomfish/lib/DependencyFactory.scala
[info]   src/main/webapp/static/index.html
[info]   src/test/scala/LiftConsole.scala
[info]   src/test/scala/RunWebApp.scala
[info]   src/main/resources/props/default.props
[info]   src/main/webapp/templates-hidden/default.html
[info]   src/main/webapp/404.html
[info]   src/main/webapp/templates-hidden/wizard-all.html
[info]   src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml
[success] Successful.

> reload
[info] Recompiling project definition...
[info]  Source analysis: 1 new/modified, 0 indirectly invalidated, 0 removed.
[info] Building project Hello Lift Lifty 1.0 against Scala 2.8.1
[info]    using LiftProject with sbt 0.7.5 and Scala 2.7.7

> update


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