Scala Research


您想要什麼 ?

這子主題, 是對想深入了解編程語言的新理論基礎與想深探 Scala 的朋友做為起點用的, 對一般想快快樂樂當個 Scala 程序員來說, 是可以忽視的.

Sacla 非常年輕且有著先進的思維, 倍受新一代編程語言學術研究者的推祟, ...

Scala rests on a strong theoretical foundation, as well as on practical experience. You can find below a collection of papers, theses, presentations, and other research resources related to the Scala language and to its development.

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  • Papers
    Academic papers published on Scala and its background. Includes works on higher-kinded types, the νObj calculus, continuations, actors, the expression problem, and more.
  • Talks
    Talks and tutorials presented in various academic venues by EPFL researchers. Includes links to many sets of slides about many aspects of the Scala system.
  • Theses
    Academic theses related to Scala and the design of its functionalities.
  • Courses
    Scala has been used in several academic courses outside of EPFL. This section includes some of them, and links to the related teaching material.
  • Presentations
    Additional presentations about Scala, done in various venues. The list is incomplete, as the interest about Scala keeps increasing, and the presentations multiply: please let us know about yours so that we can include it.