0702.Akka / STM

Akka is the platform for the next generation event-driven, scalable and fault-tolerant architectures on the JVM.

Akka is an event-driven middleware framework for building high performance and reliable distributed applications in Scala and Java. Akka decouples business logic from low-level mechanisms such as threads, locks and nonblocking IO. Your Scala or Java program logic lives in lightweight Actor objects which send and receive messages, while Akka handles structural needs like load-balancing, fault tolerance, and elasticity.

Akka 特性

  1. 更加簡潔的的共時同作策略(Simpler Concurrency),通過 Actors STM & Transactors 能夠簡化編寫可靠的s8 共時同作的運算。
  2. EDA架構(Event-driven Architecture),更優秀的非同步事件驅動架構,不會產生I/O堵塞。
  3. 真正的可伸縮性,使用非同步訊息在多核心CPU以及多個節點(Node)之間擴展。
  4. 高容錯性,重視失敗。
  5. 遠程連線的通透性


PS:有安裝先前的舊版本, 請先移除再新裝, 免得在安裝中被錯誤中斷.
  • 反安裝程序在 Uninstaller 資料夾中.


安裝後, TypeSafe.com 提供了不錯的教學

TypeSafe 目錄結構

export AKKA_HOME=`pwd`


Software Transactional Memory
STM 提供類似資料庫 ACID的ACI(Atomicity / Consistency / Isolation), Durability 因為是 RAM 屬持久化的工作故無法實作。

Akka 提供三個事務抽象